Agent florida reporting for duty sir!


[denim trenchcoat flaps in the breeze as i lean against the chain link fence in a cool way]


You see three items before you:

A wig that can become any colour/style and never frizzes/goes out of place.

A needle/thread that can match any fabric and easily creates seams that never rip (can be used in a machine too).

Contacts that match your prescription if you have one and can become any colour/size that never dry out so you could theoretically leave them in forever.

You can only take one. Which one do you take? 


we can only sext if we roleplay as key figures from the cold war 

Brightest day was fuckin weird



it is the year of our lord two-thousand and fourteen and there are still videos, that were uploaded in this year of our lord two-thousand and fourteen, that have 144p as the sole quality option on youtube 


Not the best, but still Florida


Not the best, but still Florida

Ohoho, we have a good time in the dc fandom as our minds implode and we writhe in agony


cis people don’t choose to be cis

they do, however, more often than not, 

choose to be shitty to trans women.


when folks draw storm with thick thighs, i feel a little ray of hope creep into my existence